Beautiful, all-American 900 sf home with designer interiors surrounded by fruit trees & flowers. Nestled on a verdant quarter acre with mountain peaks in the distance.

Clandestine Cottage was recently featured in HBO’s Sharp Objects. 

keywords: 1950, midcentury, fifties, bungalow, guest house, family, rustic, gothic, garden, orchard, cemetery, rural, nursery, children's room, suburban, family

 - Property is 10k square feet. (quarter acre)
 - 900 sf bungalow surrounded by a lush, beautiful garden set on a 10,000 sf property
 - Wall of ivy and trees is the view out the front window of the house. Can look extremely remote / rural
 - Decorated by an interior designer with eclectic rare vintage pieces, art, plants and taxidermy
 - Old, rustic garage that was built in the 20s with the original weathered paint job
 - Extremely long and useful driveway for staging (roughly 180 feet). Located on a wide street with few houses and ample parking
 - Next door neighbor with matching driveway for overflow
 - Cemetery across the street and around the corner from mausoleum (regularly used for film staging)
 - Film-friendly city and neighborhood


Photo shoots (Stills):

Cast & Crew-

3 people or less: $150/hr
5 people or less: $175/hr
8 people or less: $200/hr

Additional people: Please inquire.

filming rates: Please inquire

Cleaning Fee of $175

NOTE: All photo shoots have a 4 hour minimum. Shoots booked with less than 72 hours notice will be charged an additional $150 fee

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